Kent Laser has been established in the area for over 10 years, they had a flourishing business until their competitors took advantage of digital marketing. This resulted in Kent Laser losing clients to their competitors and resulting in profit loss.

Kent Laser
Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation


Dr Patel approached us via our website audit, to which they scored less than 50 – it flagged many areas with just their website. This spiked our interests and they enabled us to explore deeper into their digital marketing techniques, this was limited to the odd post on their facebook page.

We uncovered that their digital marketing was almost no existent and their competitors were ranking on Google for some of the most profitable and prominent keywords like ‘mole removal’ and ‘lip fillers’ their website speed was poor and the text was not optimised for the search engines.

Social media was also restricted, it required some help from our team to help reach the exposure it deserved online, once this was fixed the clinic will start receiving more business from residents in the local area.


Secrero realised early on that Kent Laser is a clinic that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They didn’t just want a foundation to their digital marketing, they also wanted to train their staff to be up-to-date and current in their knowledge and skills, so they could anticipate what their customers would want.

Fortunately, the Kent Laser staff were keen to learn, take notes and implement a series of strategies we had set for their business over the course of 6 months. This included Local Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation.

We began to strategise which services they wanted to improve on within the clinic and this included their top 5 services; 3D Lipo, Laser Hair Removal, Mole Removal, Dermal Fillers & Botox once we had the top 5 we began to break down different keyword phrases to start optimising their content to reflect what people were searching online in a way that it was friendly for search engines and to the human eye.

These services were also repeated on social media and we advised to use social media to educate the community instead of trying to ‘sell’ their services. We created posts, competitions and informative content which helped the page reach a new all-time high of facebook likes.


Within 6 months of starting one of our tailor-made SEO plans, Kent Laser experienced a boom in calls, questions and ultimately sales. Their web traffic increased organically from less than 200 clicks per month to over 600 clicks per month. They were ranking within the top 3 for less than 10 keywords. They now rank over 300 keywords at the top spot!

Additional pages have been added to their website and they are now looking at integrating a customer friendly online booking system, allowing their clients to book any time of the day and conveniently pay online. This will free more time within the clinic to provide services to their clients and make their website work for them.

Their Facebook presence has also increased, with an average engagement rate of 10 before speaking with us they now have on average over 1,200 engagements that are interested in their services.

We are continuing to boost their online presence and generate more business from areas just outside their current marketing radius to attract more clients and increase profit for the foreseeable future.